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Welcome to Christ Church, Blacklands & St. Andrew, Laton Road, Hastings

Our Worship is centred on the Holy Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as revealed in the Bible.

We are broadly traditional in our Main Services, with Common Worship Order One being the basis of Sunday Morning Holy Communion. Variations for occasion, time, season and special feasts and festivals do happen and we hope to indicate in our calendar when and how these will take place.

Our Wednesday Morning services are traditional, using the Book of Common Prayer order for Holy Communion or the order from Common Worship Morning Prayer, as are our occasional evening services on Sundays when we either use the order for Evening Prayer or Holy Communion, with correct seasonal readings and propers as laid down in the Lectionary.

If you are unable to join us in Church for any reason, you may find the following links useful. They will open the correct service order, where you may choose the service, the form to use, the date and get the full service text, with the proper readings for the day, from the Church of England website, where you will find Copyright Details.

Book of Common Prayer:

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Night Prayer (Traditional)

Common Worship:

Morning Prayer

Evening Prayer

Night Prayer (Contemporary)