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Planned Giving

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Many of you know that we have a planned giving scheme in the church. This is where members of the congregation commit to giving a certain amount of money weekly or monthly to the church either in numbered envelopes or by a banker’s standing order.

The money received is also enhanced if any tax paying donor has completed a Gift Aid declaration whereby the church can claim back another 20% of the donation from HMRO.

The only income the church has is from the parish hall rental, donations and fund raising, the vast majority of our money is through the generosity of the congregation. We are an ageing congregation and people move away or sadly die which inevitably impacts on the income of the church.

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your generosity to the church. Many people take part in the planned giving scheme which ensures the church receives a regular income. However, the amount of money we generate through collections and hall rental means that we are unable to pay our regular ‘quota’ to the Diocese and this year we were only able to pay 61% of the amount requested of us.

It is important for the church to be financially viable so we can attract a new incumbent and also carry out essential repairs needed on the church

I would therefore respectfully ask everyone to reconsider the amount they give to the church.

If you pay tax and give cash into the collection plate then perhaps you could put the cash into a white envelope (found at the end of each pew) with your name and address so that we could claim the tax. If you feel that you would like to start on the planned giving scheme either by bankers order or using the yellow envelopes then please see Jean or Leslie. There will be Gift Aid forms available at the back of the church as well as standing order forms.

The more people who take part in the planned giving scheme (tax payers or not) the more likely it is that the church will be able to meet its quota and thus become a more attractive proposition to prospective incumbents. All planned giving is treated strictly confidentially.

Thank you