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Welcome to Christ Church, Blacklands & St. Andrew, Laton Road, Hastings

Planned Giving

Visitors and regular worshippers alike are all invited to contribute to the cost of Christian ministry and building upkeep here at Christ Church Blacklands, and indirectly to the support we get from the Diocese of Chichester in our Parish.

As well as offerings during services, our contactless card reader and our ‘Collection Jar’ at the back of the church, we encourage regular worshippers to use the Parish Giving Scheme. Through this scheme, you can commit to giving a certain amount of money monthly, quarterly or annually, by Direct Debit  - securely from your bank account to the church’s. This system costs the church nothing, and as well as being secure for you as the donor, protects everyone from the dangers of handling cash, and saves time for our Wardens and Treasurer. You remain in control of your giving – you can inflation proof the amount you choose to give, or you can reduce or cancel your giving with a simple phone call.

If you’re worried that you won’t be joining in with the offering during services, don’t be! Just smile and shake your head, and the sidesmen will politely pass on.  Your giving will still be blessed, along with all the contributions of time and care for one another that can’t be popped into the collection bags on a Sunday!

If you are able to Gift Aid (i.e. if you are a tax payer) just tick the appropriate boxes and 25% will be added to your giving by the Government, at no cost to you.

We receive nearly 50% of our income from voluntary giving, and another 8% from Gift Aid. We can make the best use of that income when we know we can depend upon it, so please consider signing up for planned giving. Ask for more information in Church on a Sunday, or visit the Parish Giving Scheme website, where you can find answers to your questions, and sign up directly if you wish.

This year, like most years, we are carrying out repairs to our Church and Hall, and we are falling well short of paying our ‘share’ of Diocese costs.

We are very grateful for your giving, which is always used carefully. We ask you to, please, give prayerfully within your means.