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Welcome to Christ Church, Blacklands & St. Andrew, Laton Road, Hastings

Prayer Life

The Parish has an active Prayer Life. Details of the Prayer Chain and Prayer Group, and of our next Group meeting may be found in their page.

Every week we pray for an area of the Parish and Deanery, as published in Pews News. The area of the Parish being prayed for each week changes on a 21 week cycle. At least one member of our fellowship walks the area every week, and we would like to welcome as many people as possible, both from our own fellowship and any other Christians, to walk with us, to pray peace and blessing on every street, home, business, school, nursery, place of worship and open space, and engage with the people of the Parish. A draft timetable of the walks for the current week may be found here, but please do check with the Coordinator before setting out.

Sometimes the Parish Prayer Walk route may contain areas being prayed for on our Adopt a Street list, a description which you will find here.