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Welcome to Christ Church, Blacklands & St. Andrew, Laton Road, Hastings


As the centre of Christian Worship for the Parish, our Church has an “Outreach” team to bring the message of the Gospels and Pastoral Care into our local community. We do this in several ways:

Pastoral Care: in conjunction with the Lay Ministry Team, visitors can call on people who are housebound and need company and help with prayer and spiritual matters.

Praying Round the Parish: Every week an area of the Parish is included on Pews News, to be prayed for in our intercessions and there is a daily Prayer Walk to pray, meet, greet and engage with all the people in the area. There is a twenty one week cycle covering the whole parish. The current week’s area is published here, with a walk schedule if available.

Home Communions: we have a dedicated group of Lay Ministers of Communion, who take Holy Communion in their own homes to people who cannot get to Church for any reason. We also regularly take Holy Communion to local Residential Home

By Adopting a Street: A new initiative has been started in our town for prayers to be said in every road and other place. There is a fuller description here>

Baptism Preparation Evenings: for families wishing to take this step forward into the Faith, for their members. This will be conducted on request, by a Minister.

Wedding Preparation: for couples wishing to be joined together in Holy Matrimony in our Church. This is arranged by a Minister when the couple book their wedding date.

The Prayer Chain: we have a group of people who have made a commitment to pray every day for those in need. The prayers can be for anything which can help people, such as for healing, comforting in bereavement, family problems and similar things. We also are asked sometimes to give thanks to The Lord for blessings received and prayers answered. Confidentiality is assured. We also have extended intercessions for the sick, bereaved and special requests at Wednesday morning Services, so please do let us know if you wish for your request to be included in the prayers then as well.

If you or anyone you know or care for would like us to visit with any of these Outreach Ministries, please do contact us via the Contacts Page.